Cercle Luxembourgeois de Vol à voile (CLVV) - Page d′acceuil
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Affilié à la Fédération Aéronautique Luxembourgeoise

The Gliding Club of Luxembourg CLVV


Gliding started in The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the early 1930ies, first documented in a newspaper article in 1931.

However, gliding as an organized flying sport had a hard time getting established, due to the WW2, the reorganization of civil aviation in Luxembourg after the war, the closing of the aerodrome in Esch-Alzette in 1953 and lack of suitable flying fields and gliders.

Then, in 1958, rising out of the ashes like a Phenix, a group of 35 dedicated enthusiaststs, without a flying field or aerodrome or a glider set about reviving gliding in Luxembourg.

The Cercle Luxembourgeois de Vol a Voil, The Gliding Club of Luxembourg CLVV, was established.