Cercle Luxembourgeois de Vol à voile (CLVV) - Page d′acceuil
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Affilié à la Fédération Aéronautique Luxembourgeoise

The Gliding Club of Luxembourg CLVV

A multi-cultural association

CLVV is a truly international flying club, with members from all over Europe, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Norway etc. The common denominator, is the shared passion for gliding !

Communication among this small European community is excellent. Many members are multilingual or speak Euromix, the universal language originating from the Useldange Aerodrome.

CLVV is a member of the Federation Aeronautique Luxembourgeoise, the Luxembourg association of all flying and airial sports clubs.

In addition to CLVVs own fleet of aircraft, many member-owned gliders and motorgliders are based at Useldange.